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Design a Vision
Develop a Plan
Deploy your Potential

Successful software companies require strong leaders to achieve the balance of vision, velocity, and quality needed for longevity. It is easy to get bogged-down managing the long list of priorities while also building a strong team.

I can help you and your teams gain momentum. Evolve your processes, develop leaders, and strengthen your development partnerships with ​Holloran Leadership Solutions.



Individual Coaching

The leadership journey is a rewarding one, especially when approached with intention. Whether you need to develop your vision, clarify your goals, make progress towards your future, or be held accountable to your plan, I want to help you along your path.

Along the way, we will work on developing your leadership presence and communication skills while making sure you are mindful of maintaining your desired work-life balance.  

Organizational Coaching

Running a software company comes with many challenges: fulfilling the company's vision, taking care of stakeholders, building a high quality product that meets your customer's needs, fulfilling sales quotas, software maintenance, and retaining top talent all require effort.

Fortunately, by developing your leaders, refining process, and building strong partnerships I can help you walk the path to overcoming these challenges.  


My aim is to help software professionals and companies achieve a successful, sustainable future through strong, balanced leadership. 

I worked in an enterprise software company for nearly 20 years. My time there started in QA and lead me through Development, Product Management, and eventually to VP of Development. For much of my career, I was on the company's management team, reporting directly to the CEO and participating in the critical decisions that helped turn the company around and brought significant growth.

Over the years, my  teams ranged from 3 to over 50 comprised of internal employees and external partners. I have experienced a wide range of leadership and know that great leaders can make the difference in the success of a company's mission. 

Whether it involves improving process, growing leadership skills, connecting with external partners, or a desire to gain momentum on your own path, I want to see you succeed. With my experience in the software industry, as well as being a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Summit Certified Practitioner, I have a variety of ways to tailor a solution to help you achieve your goals.


“Jonathan's guidance has empowered me to lead with confidence, agility, and a strategic vision.  I am not just a CEO; I am a leader who understands the nuances of the ever-evolving business landscape.


Jonathan's impact reverberates not just in my role but in the success of the entire Ansi ByteCode LLP.”

Hetal Mehta - CEO Ansi ByteCode LLP

“It’s like having the benefit of hindsight in real-time.

These coaching sessions have helped me achieve an equilibrium, where I can sort through the gaps of the job description that I haven’t been able to grasp. The concepts and reassurances provided have helped refresh me during the stressful onboarding process.”

Josh Healey - Product Owner

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