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Organizational Offering

Creating alignment between leaders, process, and team.

Leadership Development

Effective leaders make the whole team greater than the sum of its parts. They guide change, address conflict, break down silos, build partnerships across teams, they believe in your vision, and fight to make your company's mission a reality.

That leaves an important question: How do we cultivate effective leaders?

By investing in their development. Coaching has been shown to improve an employee's job satisfaction, engagement, and retention. Additionally, it helps to build self-aware, confident leaders that can handle difficult situations with grace. 

I can help your leaders continue to grow into forces that will pave the way for your company's future.

Buildings from Below

Process Evolution

Process can be tricky. Too much, and there is no room for creativity or individual thought. Too little, and we lose the ability to measure progress and ensure completeness.

You may have tried to fix a process: having the meetings, agreeing on changes, and kicking off a new way of doing things only to find yourself back doing things the same old way a few weeks later.

Get off the merry-go-round.

Good process should be the foundation your company operates on. It should ensure quality, security, completeness, measurability, and be automated where possible. Most importantly, good process takes the burden of repetitive thought off your team's shoulders while leaving room for creativity and flexibility.  

I can help your team coalesce around process change. While I cannot promise to make change easy, I can help make it stick.

Outsourced Team Synergy

When an outsourcing partnership is successful, they become an extension of your own team. Measurable process, associated metrics, accountability, and clear communication are all important and improving any one of these areas will increase the value of the relationship.

Well constructed process ensures your partner team knows how to deliver their work product consistently, reduces rework, and builds inherent quality. Metrics provide a way to bench mark and measure improvement over time as well as the framework for accountability. Clear communication and cultural understanding will increase the likelihood that you will get what you expect from the team.

I can help ensure you have the best chance to get the value you need out of your outsourced partnership.

Virtual Team Meeting
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